Aapki Antara

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Format Indian soap opera
Created by Drishtant Media
Written by Monish Sekhri
Amit Senchoudhary
Directed by Drishtant Media
Starring Zynah Vastani
Darshan Pandya
Prabhleen Sandhu
Country of origin India
Language(s) Hindi
Producer(s) Monish Sekhri
Running time 27 minutes
Original channel Zee TV
Picture format 576i (SDTV),
Original run June 1, 2009 – February 18, 2010
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The show follows Antara from her early life with her mother, Anuradha, and relates her relationships with relatives and others. During the first episode her mother dies. In the next few episodes we see the effect of that death on the life of the child. When Antara is rescued from an orphanage life by her father, Aditya, we experience with him the problems caused by him taking in not only his daughter born out of wedlock but a seemingly emotionally challenged child, too. His wife, Vidya, soon finds out that Antara is his daughter, and she is the product of an affair he carried on while married to her.

Vidya leaves the marital home with her father after he found out that Aditya had been unfaithful. Almost everyone, including Aditya's family, hate Antara and blame her for the family upheaval. But Aditya grows to love Antara more and more. Aditya's friend, Sameer, convinces him to set up his life again and to take Antara to an orphanage. Sameer tells him that there is no way for Vidya to come back as long as Antara lives in the same household.

Aditya does not find the need to take Antara to the orphanage because Vidya comes back just in time. She allows Aditya to keep Antara in the house but remains aloof around him. She dislikes Antara and is highly jealous of the love that Antara receives from Aditya. Finally, Vidya begins to love Antara.

The show has ended with Abhishek lovingly accepting Antara as his adorable sister and the Verma family reunited. The show gives the message that autistic children must be treated with love and care.



Antara Verma (age 24)

Antara (played by Anjum Farooki/Aaina Mehta/Zaynah Vastani) is a cute and innocent young woman who has autism. She appears to not react to the turbulence around her. Her mother Anuradha (Rupali Ganguly) died in a car accident. Unlike other children of her age, Antara doesn't have any friends. In fact, she even finds it difficult to bond with her family. Still, Antara observes the world very closely and her outlook is very different from others. She is shown to love her stepmother Vidya more than anyone else.

Aditya Verma (age 48)

Before Antara was brought to them, he lived with his wife Vidya and their son Abhishek. He is a loan officer at ICBI Bank. He also is struggling harshly from financial issues. Aditya is shown to be very wise, generous, truthful, honest and moreover, an understanding husband to Vidya. Aditya dies of cancer.

Vidya Verma (age 46)

She is Aditya's wife and a teacher (played by first Prabhleen Sandhu then Kshitee Jog[1] ). After Aditya's affair with Anuradha is revealed, her father encourages her to leave home and study law, but her mother convinces her to go back to Aditya. She is thereafter cold to both Aditya and Antara. Vidya grows to love Antara and wants to help fulfill the void of a mother in Antara's life. Also Vidya stands up for Antara now

Abhishek Verma (age 23)

Abhishek (played by Darshan Pandya) is Aditya and Vidya's son. After Vidya takes him away from his home and his father, he runs away from school and is found walking along the road on his way to find his father. When Antara was taken into Aditya's home, Abhishek was initially jealous of the love and attention Antara receives from Aditya. However, Abhishek eventually grows to love Antara as his elder sister. Now, he is very jealous about the love Antara receives from his mother. He wants the housing apartment where his mother and sister lives. In the last part of the last episode of the show, Abhishek accepts Antara.

Billu Gupta (age 25)

Billu (played by Rayo Bakhirta) is Abhishek's best friend who stays in the same apartment complex as the Verma family. Initlally, Billu ridiculed Antara frequently, but he becomes attracted to her later. Additionally, Billu is comical and mischievous, particularly when he tries to act smart in front of all the adults. He has a missing front tooth. Now he cares for Vidya and Antara the most, whom he starts loving. He is very caring and loving to Antara and keep her happy.

Aarti Verma (age 40)

Aarti is Aditya's sister and has a strong dislike of Antara at the beginning but later starts liking her. Later, she gets married to Sameer, who is Aditya's best friend and a co-worker in ICBI Bank. Aarti first dialikes Antara but after marriage for long time she is not blessed with children and then decides with Sameer to adopt a child.

Sameer (age 42)

He is Aditya's best friend andher co-worker at ICBI Bank. Later, he gets married to Aarti, Aditya's sister.

Mili (age 24)

Mili is Sameer's and Aarti's adorable child. Sameer never treats her right because she is adopted. So she gets shattered without her dad's love.

Dr. Vikram (age 51)

Dr. Vikram is Antara's autism doctor. He really cares for Antara and she slowly learns from Vikram's and Mr. Mehta's therapies that they give to her.


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