Les personnages (Rivales)


Bea Alonzo as Gelai Augustin - She works as a seamstress in Divisoria and her fresh and stylish creations will pave the way for her to become a promising designer in a house of fashion owned by her greatest idol.
Gretchen Barretto as Victoria Valera - The memory of her mother’s death, her father’s desertion, and the accidental separation from her beloved sister will sustain her deep hatred and thirst for vengeance against the people who ruined her life.
Derek Ramsay as Louie Villarama - You would think that a professional wrestler like him would be tough when it comes to love. But a chance meeting will bring him face to face with the woman who will turn his world upside down.
Angel Aquinoas Vera Cruz - She was once known as the Queen of Philippine Fashion but is now quickly losing her touch, which is why she needs Gelai’s help to bring back the power and glory that she feels is rightfully hers.
Erich Gonzales as Chloe Abella - She dreams of following the footsteps of her famous mom but her efforts to be a fashion designer/eager-to-please daughter are never enough to make Vera love her.
Enchong Dee as Caloy Javier - Aside from being a laborer in Divisoria, he’s also the best friend of Gelai who has always been secretly in love with her. But an unexpected turn of events will lead him to meeting his perfect match.


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